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 SMT Workshop

AI Workshop 

HI Workshop 


lass of boards: the motherboard, mobile phone board, VGA card, EPS, MCU, power plate, the communication network equipment, radio frequency signals put Generosity, GPS, mobile digital photograph machine, instrumentation, aerospace, biological and medical treatment, home appliance control, automobile electronics and other high-tech industries OEM of PCBA electronic product manufacturing

Finished product main Assy class: server, laptops, desktop computers, tablet PC, all-in-one PC, mobile, digital camera, power adapter, MP3 / MP4 player, GPS navigators, appliance (LCD TV, plasma television, refrigerator, air-conditioner, washing machine), mobile storage devices.

三、production Capacity

SMT:58 lines, 20 billion point/month

        CHIPS 0201or more

             BGA 0.3pitch or more

             PCB dimension50*50mm ~ 476*356mm

             AI 20 machines  (100million point/month )

             HI 20 lines 5 million pcs/month

             Assy8 lines2 million pcs/month